About Us

Who we are

Fuhren Global Investments is an independent investment firm operating in Africa. Owned entirely by its partners, the firm has its headquarters in Nairobi Kenya.

Fuhren Global Investments is duly registered, has a well thought out strategy of sector focused investments in line with the sustainable development goals and Africa’s agenda 2063 and always on the lookout for opportunities where capital, experience and insight can be leveraged to realize the potential of businesses thereby generating superior returns for our clientelle both corporate and sovereign whose funds and investment are committed to Fuhren Global.

Aiming to spearhead sustainable investments in Africa we focus on these key sectors: Real Estate, Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Aviation, Agri-Business and Corporate Advisories. We are responsible for sourcing and reviewing potential investment opportunities in these sectors. We do this in close collaboration with executives from our Operational Excellence practice, who offer decades of hands-on operating experience to enable us make the right investment decisions.

Mission & vision


Our mission is to contribute to the development of the local economy, foster entrepreneurship, seek and cultivate long term business partnerships, pursue business ideas that transform markets, and empower them to realise their full potential.


To be at the forefront of Africa's economic development by fostering the right synergies with the right businesses and industries to realize growth across a wide spectrum of industries.

Our History

Fuhren Global directors established the company to realize the vision of Africa. The company aims to be the link between Africa’s reality and its Vision by leveraging on opportunities and potential investments in the African market.

Central to this is the growth and development of the economy, which lays the foundation for a thriving nation and continent and providing the guiding vision for Agenda 2063 is the AU Vision of “ An integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in the international arena”

Our Core Values

Our brand values are imprinted in all we do.

We embody an umbrella of corporate governance practices.We conduct business with utmost transparency and openness.

Our objective is to achieve long-term goals through sustainable and diversified investments using a comprehensively dynamic long term approach to partnerships.

We believe in our work and the diverse ventures we are involved in. Our people represent the core driving force behind the realisation and strategic growth of all our ventures.

We believe in social entrepreneurship and giving back to the community by a way of creating career opportunities and ultimately nurturing the development of entrepreneurship in the continent.